Randall: 'Save The Arctic'

Hilarity ensued in response to Randall's tale of the “crazy ass honey badger.” Watch what the walruses have to say about their disappearing habitat as Randall narrates.

A Homeless Polar Bear In London

The Arctic ice we all depend on is disappearing. Fast. Soon it could be ice free for the first time since humans walked the Earth. This would be not only devastating for the people, polar bears, narwhals, walruses and other species

Vicious Circle

Shell is due to begin exploratory drilling at two offshore sites in the Alaskan Arctic in the coming weeks. If Shell is successful this summer, an Arctic oil rush will be sparked and the push to carve up the region will accelerate. Russian

Midday Open Thread: Orca Vs. Jaws

This video has actually been around since 1997, when it was shot and released for National Geographic. I'd seen other video footage of orcas stunning sharks by ramming them on their sides and rendering them immobile, but this one was really

Open Thread

This was kind of a fun clip from Fox & Friends, mostly because the images taken by this daring photographer were so cool. Also, there's the added comedic value of the hopeless buffoons who host the show. You could hear the photographer dearly

Open Thread

Normally I wouldn't bore our readers with a "what I did on my midwinter vacation" post, but the sounds and pictures I collected last week off the west coast of Maui were so cool I wanted to share them with you all. If you want to know more