World War II

January 26, 1944 - Dog Days Of War.

This day in history - January 26, 1944 - the Italian campaign continues slowly. Soviet Union refuses to recognize Polish government in exile based on reiterating Nazi propaganda about alleged Russian atrocities. Argentina cuts off ties to Germany. The Black Market is alive and well and thriving in the U.S., based on undercover investigations.

Bachmann: Waterboarding Is Justified, Like Nuking Japan

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann explained her support for waterboarding Monday by likening it to the decision to drop nuclear bombs on Japan during World War II. At Saturday's CBS News/National Journal Republican presidential

Bush: War Boosts The U.S. Economy

Countdown's Worst Persons and surprisingly the number two spot instead of number one went to George Bush for this. Bush: War Boosts The U.S. Econom