Mike's Blog Roundup

TPM Election Central: The definitive McMaverick Iraq timeline. American's Bulletin: Eric Shine is having a bad day MarketWatch: Eleven reasons Ameri

Mike's Blog Round Up

Gin and Tacos: Conservatives' states benefit the most from the federal tax policies they often oppose. Shakesville: "Obama Racism/Muslim/Unpatriotic/

The Wørd: Collateral Friendage

Stephen Colbert looks at the messy business of tricky associations when running for president. [media id=5222] [media id=5223] (h/t Heather) Nation

Mike's Blog Roundup

Talk To Action: McSame-backer John Hagee lies to Jewish bloggers on his motives for supporting Israel. Meanwhile, the wandering maverick discovered Ne

McCain's Cred

The Chuck Todd post I did about the McCain treatment by the press on Sunday has resonated far and wide (I wasn't the only one who caught that) and exp

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Cerebral Mum: An apology a long time coming: Australia Says Sorry DownWithTyranny! A corporately-funded puppet got his ass kicked