Not Your Daily Show....

But as close as we're going to get for a while. (Thanks to Nate for the tip to this dKos diary) The Gothamist interviewed The Daily Show's John Oliv

Thou Shalt Not Kill...

...except in a video game for Jesus. NY Times: (h/t Rick) First the percussive sounds of sniper fire and the thrill of the kill. Then the gospel o

Baseball Playoffs Begin! Open Thread

Many of C&Lers know I'm a huge baseball fan and post about the Yanks here...It starts today. The Phillies vs Rockies, Boston vs Angels,Yanks vs Cl

A Do-Something Congress

The conventional wisdom is that the 110th Congress, which is getting close to its summer break, has been a let-down. Thanks to presidential vetoes and

Revelation And Resignation

I've been posting about the sick Christian video games that Rick Warren has been part of the last few weeks. Now it appears that the pressure got to

Final Four Open Thread

What a great tournament it's been so far. LSU scares me, but I'm rooting big time for UCLA. I never expected them to get out of the "sweet sixteen." T

Where Is Our Zappa?

William Vitka: "In order to throw a wrench into the machine, or at least, as Burroughs said, to educate the mark, I'm proud to present Frank Zappa'