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"Buffy TVS Movie Remake On The Way.

I know there are many more pressing issues facing the country, but as you know I'm a fan of BTVS so I'm happy to see that a new Buffy movie is in the works. Too bad Wheedon, Noxon or Espenson aren't involved as writers. The casting will be

Open Thread

I think the Buckaroo Banzai guys oughtta sue, and don't miss the best movie review ever [for Crank 2] by Paul Constant at The Stranger. One of the mo

'The Closer' Rocks

I had a chance to power cycle through the first season of the TNT's "The Closer" over the last few days and I really enjoyed it. It's not over the top


I admit that I'm too cheap and too disinterested in TV in general to have HBO, so I missed Recount (although I'm sure I'll catch up on it when it co

Good Luck To 'War Inc.'

From what I'm hearing the screenings of "War Inc." are doing very well so far this weekend. If you're in the area, check it out. This clever new mov

Casting The Last Eight Years

Oliver Stone's latest project is "W" all about the the life and presidency of George W. Bush. We have some of the preliminary casting choices and it