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How Much Will Romney's Tax Cuts Save His Family?

Addressing Americans for Prosperity on Friday, Mitt Romney laid out a bevy of federal spending cuts which doubtless were music to the ears of AFP's funders, Charles and David Koch. To be sure, raising the eligibility age for Medicare and

The GOP's Winner-Take-All Tax Cuts

While the Occupy Wall Street movement and a shocking report from the Congressional Budget Office have shone a bright spotlight on America's record income inequality, the GOP's 2012 presidential field is proposing massive new tax cuts certain to

GOP Candidates' Plans Would Expand Record US Income Gap

This week, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) provided just the latest analysis confirming that U.S. income inequality is at record levels. But while the income gap is at largest in 80 years even as the total federal tax burden is at its

Rick Perry Shows Why He Got A D In Economics

Back in August, Americans learned that among Rick Perry's miserable grades in college was a "D" in "Principles of Economics." Now we know why. His contribution to the GOP's flat tax one-upsmanship not only fails to simply the U.S. tax code.

Rep. Nadler To Propose Legislation To Abolish The Debt Ceiling

Rep. Jerrold Nadler joined the set of Chris Hayes' new show, Up With Chris Hayes on MSNBC this Sunday morning to talk about President Obama's proposal to increase the tax rate on millionaires and a bill he's going to be introducing this week