Occupy Rome

Occupy Cinecittà, Rome, Italy from Louisa Clarence-Smith on Vimeo. Last week, Occupy Cinecittà, Rome, Italy: Swing-dancers occupy Cinecittà, in protest of government plans to replace the film studios which produced La Dolce Vita into a

Mittens Tells Struggling Homeowners 'Too Bad, So Sad, Oh Well'

Just in case any of the 11.5 million struggling homeowners out there are waiting to hear what Mitt Romney's plans are to turn around the housing market, and help those with underwater mortgages, his policy director Lanhee Chen wants you to know up front that there will be no targeted relief for you people.

It's Official: Spitzer Resigns

[media id=4557] [media id=4558] (h/t BillW) A surprise to no one, Eliot Spitzer, wife Silda at his side, resigned from his position as Governor of