Internal Revenue Service

Rep. Chris Van Hollen To File IRS Lawsuit On Tax-Exempt Applications

Lawrence O'Donnell may not have had much luck with his petition to get the White House to do something about the IRS not following the statute on these 501c4 groups and their tax-exempt status when they're clearly nothing more than political organizations, so here's hoping that Rep. Chris Van Hollen gets some better results with the courts.
Facts Intrude On Right's IRS Scandal Mongering

Facts Intrude On Right's IRS Scandal Mongering

This latest revelation that the IRS singled out progressive groups ought to put an end to the conservatives continuing to prop up this fake "scandal" but I'm not holding my breath that facts will matter to them any time soon.

Monica Crowley Calls IRS 'Most Dangerous Scandal In U.S. History'

Never mind that this drummed up IRS fake "scandal" should have been put to rest a while ago, the talking heads over at Fox continue to prove they're not going to let a few facts get in the way of their scandal-mongering. This Monday, it was former Nixon aide Monica Crowley's turn.