Loose Nukes And Loose Knowledge

A year ago this month, armed raiders broke into the Pelindaba nuclear research facility in South Africa, where that nation stores its weapons-grade nu

IAEA Warns Of Lack Of Funds

The International Atomic Energy Agency's head, Mohammed el-Baradei, has warned that the Agency faces an increasingly uphill struggle in its essential

No Cause For War In New Iran Report

The International Atomic Energy Agency has just produced it's latest report on Iran's nuclear program. (Full report here in PDF, leaked by US officia

True Colors

Dr. Christopher A. Ford, the U.S. Special Representative for Nuclear Nonproliferation, has joined the exodus from the Bush administration, and headed

Mike's Blog Roundup

Brad DeLong: This was nice to see coming from an ex-Republican Intel Dump: After the waterboarding... We are respectable negroes: Six degrees of sep

Mike's Blog Roundup

Attytood: An open letter to George Stephanapoulos and Charles Gibson. Their jaw-dropping hackery was just the latest example of how our useless press