'Vagina Monologues' Protest In Lansing

Thousands of people gathered on the state Capitol lawn in Lansing Monday evening, to protest the treatment of two female lawmakers who were barred from speaking on the House floor last Thursday following an emotional debate over

No Behind Left, Child?

There's something so terribly wrong about this: Oxford High School, a school in Calhoun County, Ala., prom dress codes are strictly enforced. Some

Getting All Up In My Business

As a progressive, I tend towards a more libertarian view of things. I don't believe the government has any right getting into our personal lives.

GOP Trolls On Liberal Blogs

Raw Story: Liberal bloggers in New Hampshire busted an aide to Rep. Charles Bass (R-N.H.) who was posing as a liberal blogger on such blogs as Blue G

Astronomers Weigh In Chris C Mooney Carl Zimmer noted late last week that the president of the American Astronomical Society has sent President Bush