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Open Thread

Number of individuals on the FBI's "Terrorist Watch List" as of 11:48 Pacific Time this morning. According to the ACLU, the watch list includes fourt

Countdown: Torturers Like Us

[media id=3953] [media id=3954] (h/t Heather) Keith Olbermann speaks with retired Lt. Cmdr. Charles Swift (whose successful representation of the H

Mike's Blog Roundup

CorrenteWire: The Beltway aristocracy, in the person of Sally Quinn, are demanding Obama's "references." These are the same people who w

Mike's Blog Round Up

Copeland Institute for Lower Learning: Apparently, not all Oklahomans are intolerant, stupid and nuts. Shakespeare's Sister: Two UN observers killed

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Galloping Beaver: 9/11 means never having to say you're sorry. Here's what 'justice' looks like in the BUSHCO era. MediaCitizen: Fox News drifti

Toddler Terrorist

ABC: " There was a surprise for a Houston woman when she found out one of her family members was on a terror watch list. Now he's not able to fly unt

Lewis Black Nails It

Mafia Cops, Vice Admiral Church, and the NRA. [media id=12988] The NRA's response to terrorists buying guns that are already on the FBI watchlist i