January 31, 1941 - Daylight Raids And The Stomach For War.

News of the day for January 31, 1941. Greek troops advance in Albania, Italian armies retreat in Libya. Germans continue daylight raids over London. Hitler warns U.S. about intervention. Germans bomb Suez Canal. Siam (Thailand) issues demands via Japan to Vichy Government for surrender of Cambodia and one-fourth of Indo-China (Vietnam). Arguments for Foreign Aid and Lend-Lease on Capitol Hill. 520th day of War.


Churchill Andrew Sullivan finds this quote by Churchill on November 21, 1943 while discussing the Hamden case and the President's role in it: "The

Ann Coulter: She Really Speaks Out

She was on a roll on Scarborough Country last night. [media id=13187]-WMP Coulter: What were my other wacky and controversial positions? ---------

Wing Nut Quote Of The Day

Robert(The Crypt Keeper) Novak said this on the Capital Gang about Howard Dean and the DNC chair: "I will say this. This is suicidal and lunatic by