April 24, 1998 - Yeltsin Gets His Way - McDougal Sits One Out - Firing Squads In Kigali.

April 24, 1998 - Yeltsin finally wins, gets Sergei Kiriyenko approved as new Prime Minister. First executions of convicted genocide perpetrators in Rwanda. Aid workers held hostage in Somalia released. Despite death of James Earl Ray, investigation of Martin Luther King assassination to continue. Merger talks and big promises from United Airlines and Delta Airlines. Labor disputes in Airline industry. Oj Simpson daughter Arnell busted on drunk driving in Los Angeles. Cost of Health Insurance premiums threaten to increase by double-digits.

December 29, 1998 - Hostages, Khmer Rouge And Blood For South Africa.

News of the day, this day in history for December 29, 1998 - Senior figures in the former Khmer Rouge defect and offer apologies for mass killings. Malaysian Deputy Minister Anwar Ibrahim sex scandal trial. Breaking news of hostage drama in Yemen with 16 British and American tourists. Escalating traffic deaths in South Africa result in call for blood. Bank scandal in Russia. Child Prostitution on rise in UK. North Cyprus threatens to break ties and align with Turkey.

June 30, 1998 - An Actor As President.

News of the day for June 30, 1998 - The Philippines elects former actor Joseph Estrada as President. The Military Government in Nigeria gets a visit from UN Sec. General Kofi Annan in attempt at persuasion. President Clinton is hopeful of improved relations with Iran. Italian Premier Romano Prodi pays a visit to Tehran and this day in 1998 The European Central Bank opened for the first time.

April 29, 1998 - Imelda, Ted And Ken Starr. Oh My.

News of the day for April 29, 1998 - IRS investigated for abuses (surprise?), Ken Starr and Whitewater continue, Prosecutors recommend Unabomber Ted Kaczynski sentenced to maximum security prison, Imelda Marcos drops out of Philippine Presidential race and Tobacco is good for cavities.