mitch mcconnel

Occupy Mitch McConnel's Office

A group of 30 unemployed D.C. residents have occupied the D.C. office of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, demanding an audience with the Republican lawmaker.

The Time Bomb Is Ticking For The Senate Republicans This Week

Let’s pick up where we left on Friday. Judgment Day is coming for the Senate Republicans this week, and man, they are squirming. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell went on “Fox News Sunday” over the weekend and once again could not

Making Your Position Clear

(h/t TM) The best part about this sign? It is prominently displayed in the lawn across the street from Sen. Norm Coleman's home in St. Paul. UPDATE

Sign MoveOn's Petition

and tell Congress - No Blank Check For Iraq: Tell your Member of Congress to vote NO on the Iraq supplemental this week. The American people voted to

Mike's Blog Roundup

Tristram Shandy: Here's some breathtaking historical revisionism. Mitch McConnell, discussing the judiciary, says he expects the Dems to extend th