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‘Saturday Night Live’: Ann Romney Rips GOP Naysayers

“Saturday Night Live” ripped Mitt Romney on his taxes and his 47 percent comment. But the NBC show also defended the Republican presidential candidate by letting his wife, Ann -- played by Kate McKinnon -- blast GOP naysayers during the show's “Weekend Update.”

'I Can Haz Buffet Rule?'

It's not every day I can tie in kittens with Occupy-related news, but this new video from lets me do just that: President Obama's Buffett Rule would require millionaires and billionaires to pay the same tax rate as the rest of

The GOP Is Occupied With Amending The Constitution

A perfect summary of the Grand Old Party’s relationship with the U.S. Constitution comes from Texas Governor Rick Perry at Mike Huckabee’s candidate forum on Fox News last Saturday. Governor Perry claimed as president he could overturn a law

Mike's Blog Roundup

Michael Tomasky: Intellectual consistency can be overrated. Because there's nothing intellectual about it. Pruning Shears: Isn't it a little strange