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"Top 10 things Spock has made it clear he is not impressed by and never needs to be photoshopped into again: Moon Landing, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Murdoch, Charlie Sheen, Apple Products, Obama, your friend from work, that sailor kissing

Obama Opens Up About His Grandmother

[media id=6643] Barack Obama opens up to CBS's Harry Smith about why he's suspending his campaign at the most crucial time in order to go see his sic

Harry And Louise Return

Back in 1993 when Bill and Hillary Clinton were trying to achieve real health care reform in this country, an industry-lobbyist group called the Healt

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From a few years ago. Al Franken is still doing this fabulous schtick (Hey! Does this talent make him too elitist/educated to be Senator?) at fundra

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I can't believe that's Harry Shearer in Karl Rove makeup. "The Turd Blossom Special". Open thread below...