Fox News Pretends Rudy Giuliani Is An Expert On Foreign Policy

From our friends at News Hounds, Mr. "A Noun, A Verb and 9-11" is at it again, joining his fellow chickenhawk Sean Hannity and beating the drums for war with Iran -- Fox News Pretends Rudy Giuliani Is An Expert On Israel And Iran: Since when did

Hannity: I'd Start A Third War And Take Out The Iranian Nuclear Facilities

During what could only be described as an extremely painful segment to watch, Fox's Sean Hannity, right-wing radio host Bill Cunningham and Jerry Springer got into a shouting match over whether President Obama is to blame for the fact that we still haven't recovered from the Great Recession started under George W. Bush where the U.S. economy was in free fall when the president first took office, with Cunningham and Hannity of course blaming Obama for the mess we're in now.

Paul: Gingrich 'Chickened Out' Of Military Service

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul on Wednesday said that a draft dodger like former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had no business sending kids to war. In his speech following finishing fourth in the Iowa caucuses Tuesday night, Gingrich

Shorter Charles Krauthammer

Iran starts feeling heat Whoa, whoa... I'm starting to get a funny feeling in my pants... I haven't felt this way since 2003... what could it b