Koch Tells New Jersey To Suck It Up, Forget Sandy Aid

Nothing smacks of Scrooge quite like hearing the Kochtopus tell New Jersey to suck it up and deal with the terrible storm damage left behind by Hurricane Sandy. After all, it's not like people lived in those homes or anything like that. Lee

Herman Cain Intimidates Employees Via AFP 'Seminars'

Mr. "All Hat, No Cattle" sexual predator Herman Cain is back out on the campaign trail, this time for the benefit of his patrons, the Kochs and their astroturf organization, AFP. Via The Nation: “The problem,” former GOP presidential

Right-Wing Climate Denier Strategizes To Smear Wind Energy

This week The Guardian reported on a memo reviewed by American Tradition Institute Senior Fellow John Droz, Jr., who also serves on the Board of Directors of NC-20, an advocacy group dedicated to denying the science around climate change and sea

Mitt Romney Promises To Raise Retirement Age, Privatize Medicare And Slash Government Jobs At Koch Brothers Event

GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney was out paying homage to the Koch brothers this Friday evening at an event hosted by their front group, Americans for Prosperity in Washington DC and I could not do a better job of summing this speech up if I tried, so I'll just refer everyone to this post by Stephen D. Foster Jr. at Addicting Info -- Mitt Romney Vows To Privatize Medicare, Raise The Retirement Age, And Fire Thousands Of Government Workers: