Occupy Sandy Protests Recovery Inaction By NYC, FEMA

On Saturday, several hundred citizens affected by Hurricane Sandy, healthcare professionals, activists, and members of Occupy Sandy relief effort participated in a rally and march near Fifth Avenue and East 79th Street to protest what

U.N.: Sea Levels Rising 60% Faster

Sea levels are rising faster than previously predicted, according to a new U.N. study released Wednesday. The U.N. team found that the Intergovernmental Panel

After Sandy In Rockaway NYC

This Mini-documentary was shot on the afternoon of election day at St. Camillus Church and the surrounding areas in Far Rockaway, Queens.

#Sandy: Day 2

Hurricane Sandy left a trail of destruction in its wake on Tuesday, October 30, as it moved inland after battering the US northeast coastline.


Tim Pool (@timcast) takes us on a tour of the mandatory evacuation zone in New York City. NEW JERSEY: 35 foot section of Atlantic City Boardwalk floating down what used to be St. Katherine's place, photo by JitneyGuy via

Vaginas, Sea Level, And The Banning Of Reality

This is your Moment of Clarity #149: In North Carolina they passed a law forbidding climate science. In Michigan they barred representatives from speaking the word "vagina." Can they make thinking about reality illegal?

Occupy News Weekend Round-Up

Occupy Peeps Street The Occupy Wall Street movement can't be stopped - not even in Peepville! Protesters Re-Occupy Minneapolis: At least a dozen Occupy Minnesota protesters were arrested as their return to Minneapolis became heated

Decoration Day In Alabama

It is Decoration Day weekend in Alabama, a time when families gather to decorate the headstones of their loved ones and ancestors. But this weekend is seeing a lot of Alabama families hold funerals after the second most destructive tornado event