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Not Sexist Summers, Please

Not Sexist Summers, Please

Several years ago I had a private conversation with a woman who had been in very-high-level meetings in the Obama administration including some at the highest level. She made a very clear point that one of the reasons things happened a certain way was that in meetings Larry Summers would literally shout down women who offered a contrasting viewpoint. This was a expressed as apparently a particular problem when it came to the viewpoints of women.

CEOs Make 273 Times The Average Worker

If you’re the CEO of a major company today, you make, on average, about 273 times more than the average worker. That’s according to a recent analysis by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) of the CEO-to-worker pay ratio at top 350 firms. The average pay, EPI found, was $14.1 million in 2012, up 12.7 percent from 2011.

GOP Plan Would Cost America 1.1 Million Jobs

Keith Olbermann talked to the Economic Policy Institute's Heather McGhee about their groups study on the GOP's plan for the economy which they claim would spur job growth by keeping the Bush Tax Cuts permanent and reducing spending to fiscal year