William Brennan

January 10, 1978 - In A Word: Frozen.

News of the day, this day in history for January 10, 1978. Massive Cold front grips half the United States from Midwest to Eastern Seaboard. Shah of Iran flies to Saudi Arabia to lobby for Egyptian Middle East Peace initiative. Rhodesia violence. Soviet Soyuz 27 is launched to meet up with Soyuz 26. Supreme Court convenes and hears an avalanche of cases. Justice William Brennan has Cancer.

The First Monday In October - 1956

On the eve of the opening of the Supreme Court in 1956, questions and controversy surrounded the 11th hour recess appointment by President Eisenhower of William Joseph Brennan to replace retiring Justice Sherman Minton. A panel of judicial scholars weighs the pros and cons of the move in this New World broadcast of September 30, 1956.