2010 midterms

O'Reilly: MSNBC Hosts May 'Commit Suicide' After Midterms

Fox News' Bill O'Reilly has come up with one more reason for his viewers not to watch MSNBC. The host of The O'Reilly Factor warned Monday that there could be mass suicides on the air at MSNBC if Democrats sustain major losses in Tuesday's

Tim Kaine: Democrats Will Keep Control Of The House

The chairman of the Democratic National Committee predicts that Democrats will retain control of the House and Senate after November midterm elections. "Do you think you will keep the House?" ABC's Christine Amanpour asked DNC Chairman Tim Kaine

Your Enthusiasm Gap Is Missing

Despite what you might expect, Alabama's fifth congressional district features a tight race between two very different candidates -- with no "enthusiasm gap" among Democrats. In the left corner is Steve Raby, local business leader and former