Corporate Profits

Police Evict Occupy Kansas

Police have cleared out the Occupy Kansas City encampment that went up last October in Penn Valley Park near the Liberty Memorial. Officers brought a SWAT team to along for fFriday's eviction, but the removal was peaceful and no force was

Average Corporate Tax Rate Falls To 12%, Lowest In Decades

Many Americans were shocked last month to learn that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney only paid an effective tax rate of 13.8 percent in 2010, but a recent report shows that corporations are paying even less. Corporations in the

GOP Urges Slashing Corporate Taxes As Profits Hit Record

(Click to enlarge.) Despite a decade of Bush tax cut windfalls for the wealthy pushing income inequality to levels not seen since 1929, Republicans are calling for another $700 billion, 10-year payday for the richest Americans. So it should