Government Workers

Myth McConnell

In the wake of the debt-ceiling crisis he helped manufacture last summer, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell boasted it was "a hostage that's worth ransoming" which "also is a new template" for the future. As it turns out, those threats were

Romney Champions Dishonest GOP Attack On Federal Employees

Rolling out his plan to cut the national debt last week, Mitt Romney promised to "align federal employee compensation with the public sector." If so, the roughly 2.8 million federal workers whose pay has been frozen by President Obama can

Mitt Romney Promises To Raise Retirement Age, Privatize Medicare And Slash Government Jobs At Koch Brothers Event

GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney was out paying homage to the Koch brothers this Friday evening at an event hosted by their front group, Americans for Prosperity in Washington DC and I could not do a better job of summing this speech up if I tried, so I'll just refer everyone to this post by Stephen D. Foster Jr. at Addicting Info -- Mitt Romney Vows To Privatize Medicare, Raise The Retirement Age, And Fire Thousands Of Government Workers:

Cashin' In Panel Attacks Government Workers As Being Overpaid

Here we go again. Whether it's bashing the long term unemployed as lazy, wanting to replace government workers with welfare recipients, calling for getting rid of Social Security, or comparing those who receive food stamps to crack cocaine addicts,