Anthony Kennedy

GOP Mandates Medical Malpractice With New Abortion Laws

Few issues incite Republican fury like medical malpractice. For conservative ideologues, malpractice lawsuits are a double affront which interferes with the righteous operation of the free market while lining the pockets of trial lawyers who help fund the Democratic Party. All of which makes the GOP's latest wave of draconian abortion restrictions all the more disgusting.

Anti-LGBT Virginia Lawmaker: 'Sodomy Not A Civil Right'

A Virginia lawmaker who recently led the fight to block an openly gay man from becoming a judge General District Court judge in Richmond insisted on Thursday that the move had nothing to do with nominee's sexual orientation, but he was concerned about "bias" in cases between "a homosexual and heterosexual."

Medicare, Social Security Mandates Dwarf Affordable Care Act

As The New York Times suggested last week, the fate of President Obama's Affordable Care Act in general, and its mandate that Americans obtain health insurance in particular, may hinge on Justice Anthony Kennedy's notion of "liberty." While

February 3, 1988 - "Give Peace A Chance".

Februrary 3, 1988 - Military Aid funding for Nicaragua Contra's voted down in House 219-211. Presidential hopeful Bob Dole accused of handing political favors. Supreme Court Justice Appointee Anthony Kennedy approved by Senate with a 97-0 vote. SCOTUS rules Surrogate Mother contracts akin to baby selling, which was illegal. Oil slick from 300,000 ton spill threaten Brittany coast in France. Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega to be indicted on drug charges, even though the CIA paid him a reported $200,000 over a decade for cooperation. And Brazil announces arms sale deal with Libya.

Studies Refute Justice Kennedy On Post-Abortion Syndrome

In one of the most condescending and paternalistic Supreme Court opinions in recent memory, Justice Anthony Kennedy in April 2007 upheld a federal late term abortion ban on the grounds that "some women come to regret their choice." 18 months