Bill Daley

Sam Seder: Education Reformers' Double Standard

First of all, a big round of applause for Sam Seder and his terrific job guest-hosting Up With Chris Hayes this weekend. More of him, please? Today Sam spent a long time on education in the context of the teachers' strike, and of all the

Bill Daley Is Asked To Take A Back Seat

Whether it was the bizarro Politico interview he gave last week or his utter failure at being able to get anything done in his tenure as White House Chief of Staff probably matters less than the outcome. According to the Wall Street Journal, Bill

It's Past Time For Bill Daley To Step Down

As usual, August has been the cruelest month for President Barack Obama. From the stupid debt-ceiling debate to the even dumber jobs speech snafu, he has taken hit after hit after hit from both sides of the aisle with the press amplifying each

Bill Daley Faceplants

Bill Daley was just announced as President Obama's Chief of Staff. During his last White House gig in 1996 he literally faceplanted (fainted) as he fainted during the announcement to become Commerce Secretary for Bill Clinton.

Another Disappointing Pick: Bill Daley

So it appears that Bill Daley will be the new Chief of Staff to President Obama. Another corporatist centrist. I guess if Obama decides what agenda to follow as Steve Benen argues, then the choice might not really matter all that much: The banker