Martin Bashir

David Corn Hits Fox News For Validating The Obama Muslim Myth

Mother Jones' David Corn sat down with MSNBC's Martin Bashir to discuss his new book Fox's response to his reporting that their network was criticized by President Obama for pushing the myth that he's a Muslim. Naturally the network and one of their

Santorum's Sexual Obsession

MSNBC's Martin Bashir spoke to The New York Times' Charles M. Blow about his recent column where he discussed Rick Santorum's unhealthy obsession with sex and his "revulsion for the social-sexual liberation that began in the 1960s." Santorum and

Dana Rohrabacher Gets A Smackdown From Real Time Panel

The lesson the Barack Obama presidency should teach Democrats is the Republican Party has only a glancing relationship to the truth and they will continue to lie on camera as often as possible until their lies become conventional wisdom. That's

Martin Bashir Exposes The Great Republican Hoax

Martin Bashir may be the most underrated show host on cable television. His show is consistently smart, loaded with facts and good discussion without the incessant screaming and fireworks of other cable news shows. His interview of Rep. Joe

Rep. Joe Walsh: Deadbeat Dad; Deadbeat Citizen

Martin Bashir just painted Joe Walsh as the shyster he is in real time on Tuesday's show. After setting up the conversation about tax rates, and getting Walsh to say outright that he doesn't want debt placed on his children, which leads to the