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John King Brings On Wall Street's Best Bud Bloomberg To Play The 'Both Sides' Game On Super Committee Failure

Here we go again with the Republican's meme of the week being repeated, this time by Wall Street apologist billionaire Mayor Mike Bloomberg, harping about the failure of the so-called "Super Committee." I guess he manged to tear himself away for a while from hyping overblown terrorist threats and having the police beat up the dirty hippies at Occupy Wall Street long enough to do this interview with John King.

'Patriotic Millionaires' Chastise Grover Norquist And Lobby Super Committee To Raise Their Taxes

As Lawrence O'Donnell noted during his Rewrite segment this Thursday, there is a group of those one percent of Americans who are doing better than the rest of us that actually care about income disparity in the United States and this week they went after Grover Norquist for his lobbying that no one in Congress ever raises taxes on the wealthy, ever, and lobbied the super committee themselves to please do the right thing, and raise their taxes.

Virtually Everything That They Wanted

From the office of Sen. Bernie Sanders -- Virtually Everything That They Wanted: As a Thanksgiving deadline nears for action by the powerful congressional committee on deficit reduction, Bernie sounded an alarm over reports that Social Security,

For The Grandchildren...

The media is now in a full court press to get the super committee and the Congress to along with austerity measures in the name of reducing the debt and deficit "for the grandchildren." CNN's John King, Republican Saxby Chambliss and Blue Dog