Broadcast Journalism

March 22, 1941 - Day 567 And Counting.

March 22, 1941 - Day 567 of the War in Europe. German raids on Plymouth England for 2nd night in a row. RAF Bombers attack German submarine bases in Occupied France. British people feel RAF attacks not severe enough. Germans constructing submarine base in Far East. U.S. Navy to convoy War supplies across Atlantic. Big question is Yugoslavia will join Axis or not. Conscientious Objectors dealt harshly in Germany. Congress passes $4billion Military Appropriations Bill in four hours.

February 10, 1994 - The Cautious Exhale.

February 10, 1994 - a shaky ceasefire in Sarajevo four hours old. UN Peacekeepers and NATO troops skeptical and hopeful. Two members of the British Parliament and a British Aid Worker kidnapped in Somalia. Israel and PLO in partial agreement over autonomy issue in Gaza and Jericho. Tonya Hardings slaps $22 million lawsuit against the USOC for barring appearance at the Winter Olympics. Famed U of Oklahoma Coach Bud Wilkinson dies at 77.

December 21, 1981 - Poland Under Martial Law.

Familiar images, as always. With the Solidarity Movement in Poland considered a government overthrow, the move towards more severe repression was underway. This time the target for Jaruzelski's wrath was the Catholic Church, with news of priests

December 16, 1957 - NATO And The Cold War.

What made the West so nervous. News on this day was dominated by the NATO Summit Conference which was getting underway in Paris. President Eisenhower had addressed the assembly and the big concern on everyone's mind was the Cold War. The question

October 21, 1995 - Riots, Riots, And Budgets.

News of the day for October 21, 1995 - Prison riots spread across U.S. - Riots erupt in Okinawa over continued U.S. Military presence. Clinton blasts GOP for their budget plan. Earthquake hits Mexico, 3rd in month. And the World Series gets underway with the Cleveland Indians going up against the Atlanta Braves.

August 25, 1982 - Comings And Goings In Beirut.

News of the day for August 25, 1982 - PLO leave Beirut. U.S. Marines arrive. Reagan goes back to the Ranch, threatens to veto $14 Billion Supplemental Money bill. New York Congressman Fred Richmond to be indicted on fraud and drug charges. Mural painted for Nixon library depicting Phoenix Rising From the Ashes - only no library yet.