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Shine Bright, Jamie Dimon

Shine Bright, Jamie Dimon

This parody of Rihanna’s video “Diamonds,” tells the story of Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase, and their selfish financial crimes.

JPMorgan Chase To Cut Up To 4,000 Jobs

There are corporations that work hard at providing excellent goods or customer services in order to increase their profits through excellence...and then there are the banks.

Moved Your Money Out Of BofA? If You're Unemployed Too Bad

So you've lost your job huh? Well when you get that unemployment check in the mail in many states you'll now get a bank debit card instead. Which bank? In California it's one that didn't have to pay federal income tax after being bailed out. The one

Hold Wall Street Banks Accountable When They Break The Law

I was on vacation this week, but the thing that stood out most to me in recent news reports had nothing to do with the date the President speaks to Congress, or the ups and downs of the stock market. The thing I was most fascinated by, because I