American Jobs Act

Hayes Slams Boehner For Wanting To Pay China First If U.S. Nears Default

MSNBC's Chris Hayes slammed House Speaker John Boehner and the Republican party for being foolish enough to play a game of political suicide with this latest proposal of theirs called the Full Faith and Credit Act, which would, as Democrats have rightfully been going after them for, mean that the United States would pay China before paying our troops if Republicans decide to keep playing more games on raising the debt ceiling.

Eric Cantor Unveils The GOP's Con JOBS Act

For the perpetual tax-cutters of the Republican Party, last week's surrender on the payroll tax cut extension for 160 million working Americans was an especially damaging one. While tried if untrue GOP talking points that "tax cuts pay for

Republicans Getting Buffetted By Taxes

For Republicans on the warpath against Warren Buffett, President Obama's willing poster child for raising taxes on wealthy Americans, this week has been a very bad one. First, new polling confirmed that Americans overwhelmingly support President

Senate Republicans Block American Jobs Act

The American Jobs Act will not move forward in the Senate, it seems, since it takes a supermajority to decide how many angels dance on the very tippy-top of the head of a pin. After a few minutes of Mitch McConnell's political posturing, which