Stories For Occupiers

"Here's to the watchdogs, the whistleblowers, the nonviolent resisters. Those who fight for fairness and hustle to keep the planet honest. Theirs is not an easy stroll through the tulips."

Chicago Police Attack The Media Using Bikes As Weapons

Tracey Pollock, a credentialed photographer for The UpTake, is attacked by police in Chicago during an anti-NATO protest on Saturday. Before the attack, police were using their bicycles as weapons to force back the crowd which was staging a march without a permit.

February 27, 1960 - Wedding Bells And Warning Shots.

February 27, 1960. Eisenhower arrives in Buenos Aires Princess Margaret engaged to Anthony Armstrong-Jones, Troops massed on Israel-Lebanon border. Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley, California. Senate in 11th day of Civil Rights debate. Global Range Ballistic Missiles in future. Pigeons and Starlings overtake Capitol Hill buildings.