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As Promised, More Tom Morello And Ben Harper

The Nightwatchman (Tom Morello) & Ben Harper performing "Save the Hammer for the Man" at Occupy LA 3/11/2012. I think you'll all really like this one, is was written especially for Occupy Wall Street. Consider this a mid-day open thread

Morning Open Thread

Oh, lucky you, Occupy LA! Ben Harper and Tom Morello perform "Better Way," live at an Interoccupy meetup hosted by Occupy LA. in MacArthur Park, March 11, 2012. Next hour, Margot of News has a report from Occupy LA. Then a little later on,

'The End Of The Beginning'

Mayor Villaraigosa did us all a favor. His massive police raid on Occupy L.A. provided a few clarifications that will prove important as this movement moves forward, which it most certainly will. First, he could not have more powerfully confirmed Occupy’s critique of the corruption of our political system. It doesn’t matter if the mayor is a white, billionaire media mogul a la Bloomberg or a working-class Chicano with deep roots in the local labor movement...

#OccupyLA: Take 'Free Speech' Class After Arrests For Exercising Freedom Of Speech

Occupy LA protesters who have been arrested are being offered a deal that would allow them to avoid court trials. For $355, protesters can pay a private company for lessons in free speech. American Justice Associates offers the educational program taught by an attorney - Neil G. Anderson - a former police officer and Supervising Deputy District Attorney for Sacramento County, and his partner attorney Deborah Bryce McKinley of Atlanta, GA.

Cesar Chavez’s Grandson Arrested At Occupy L.A.

Via: Arthur S. Rodriguez, the grandson of labor and civil rights leader Cesar Chavez, was among the nearly 300 people arrested last week as authorities moved to shut down the Occupy L.A. encampment outside City Hall, according to his