solidarity pizzas

Occupy Portland's C&L Solidarity Pizza Fundraiser Video

Occupy Portland makes a video about C&L's Solidarity Pizzas funder called #occupies. Pizza-a-go-go supported the cause by giving us discounted pricing. We're finding many small business are doing the same. We just sent another twenty pizzas

This Is What 99% Looks Like In Pizza

99%ers In Pizza Check out this great picture from our friends at #OccupyHBG. (Here's their website)They spell out the wealth disparity between the rich and the rest of America as well as anything I've seen, only in pizza terms. We are receiving

Thanks To Crooks And Liars Readers From Occupy St. Louis!

I just want to say thanks so much to all of our generous readers here who donated to the Crooks & Liars Occupy Wall Street solidarity pizza fundraising drive from the protesters at OccupySTL in St. Louis, MO. The protests in St. Louis started last week and this Saturday was not one of the larger crowds down there with maybe a hundred or two gathered there during the afternoon and early evening while I was there.

Join C&L In Buying The Occupiers Some Solidarity Pizzas

In New York, they're on day 14 of their occupation of Wall Street. According to reports, Liberatos Pizza has been taking calls and orders from around the country to feed the protesters. Their information is here. Occupy LA is promising to be a