Scott Walker recall

Is Scott Walker Going To Be Indicted Soon?

On the Young Turks Friday, David Shuster claimed that he is almost certain that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will be indicted in the coming months for his role in the numerous scandals floating around his first campaign for governor. Shuster

Documents Show That Scott Walker Lied To Congress

On April 14, 2011, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker testified before Congress that he started drafting the notorious Act 10 that stripped collective bargaining rights from most state employees in December, after Democrats in the state legislature

Gov. Scott Walker Goes On The Air With Dishonest Ad

In a new ad, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker misleads the public about not only his assault on the working families of his state, but about his record on jobs. Walker's record has him in the middle of a massive recall effort that gathered

Is This Facebook Page A Threat Or A Warning?

A Facebook group put up by an anonymous user seems to be suggesting a threat against people who sign the recall petitions in Wisconsin against Republican Governor Scott Walker. The page was initially launched with a message that read: You