The Fall Of SOPA Explained In 3 Minutes

This is a short motion graphic video concisely documenting the fall of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) with great attention to detail, and recognizing future bills that may be a threat to online democracy. It is notable for the way in which

Only An Uprising Will Stop The Chained CPI Now

Us progressive insiders are failing. Only an uprising- a real uprising, like with the SOPA bill last year- will turn the tide and stop this bad deal that cuts Social Security. Progressive insiders have been trying our best, doing what we do. We

Anonymous: Elections Not Auctions

Anonymous has announced a joint action between the hacktivist group and the Occupy movement, "OUR POLLS," which seeks to Occupy the Vote 2012 with the aim of holding our elected officials accountable to the people. The message: Elected


Snuggly the Security Bear is here to tell you all about the wonders of preventing IP piracy through the SOPA and PIPA legislation...

After Internet Blackout, All GOP Candidates Agree SOPA Sucks

Following the protests Wednesday that saw dozens of websites go dark in opposition to federal anti-piracy legislation, the four remaining Republican presidential candidate said the U.S. House's bill would be a disaster for freedom on the