Livestream: Occupy's Night 4 Sleeping On Wall Street

Video streaming by Ustream Livestream of Occupy Wall Street's protestors sleeping on the sidewalks around the nearby New York Stock Exchange on Thursday night. They say they are back in full force to draw attention to income

#OWS: The People's Gong At The New York Stock Exchange

Spring Training is a series of weekly Friday afternoon exercises developed by the Occupy Wall Street Direct Action Work Group to improve communication, coordination, and build team spirit in marches leading up to May Day. The weekly exercises culminate in the "People's Gong" in front of the New York Stock Exchange, an action designed to raise the voices of the 99% in contrast to the NYSE's closing bell representing the 1%.

Open Thread

Occupy Wall Street protesters gather last night in front of the New York Stock Exchange, and it seems they have a message for the financiers.