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Our Dreams Are Foreclosed #WhyIOccupy

Our Dreams Are Foreclosed #WhyIOccupy

"We've seen ten million people thrown out of their houses since 2007. Literally millions of children. So I don't want to celebrate this anniversary. I want to talk about how the need for this movement is more than ever."

Occupiers Help Save Marine's Family Home From Foreclosure

Occupy Homes MN has declared a victory in the fight to save US Marine Bobby Hull's family home from foreclosure. After months of public pressure, Bank of America has come up with an offer to renegotiate Hull's mortgage that will allow him and his family to keep their home.

Occupy Glen Iris: A Call To Occupy Homes

On December 6, 2011 members of Occupy Atlanta began occupying the front lawn of the Pittman family home at 404 Glen Iris Dr. Eloise Pittman was a retired school administrator who had lived in her home in the Old Fourth Ward since 1953. Over the last decade however, Ms. Pittman became the victim of multiple predatory loans...

Occupy Homes: The Future Of OWS And Community Solidarity

For the past two years, New York Communities for Change members have seen firsthand the damage that the foreclosure crisis has caused in our communities. Together we’ve watched vacant, boarded-up houses pop up on block after block in Southeast Queens and parts of Brooklyn. We’ve stood with homeowners as they told their stories about sending document after document to their banks in hopes of getting a mortgage modification, only to have the bank lose those documents time and time again...