The Occupy Movement: Detroit Chapter

Detroit Occupiers left Grand Circus Park nearly a year ago in the week preceding the city's Thanksgiving Day parade. A new "mini-documentary" released on YouTube recently provides a glimpse of what it was like during those chilly days when

Is BofA’s Foreclosure Review Really Independent?

Late last year, the country's bank regulators launched a massive program to evaluate millions of foreclosure cases and compensate homeowners who fell victim to the banks' flawed or illegal practices. Regulators dubbed it the "Independent Foreclosure Review" to emphasize that the banks would not be making key decisions about loans they had made or serviced.

Foreclosure Fail: Study Pins Blame On Big Banks

Foreclosure Fail: Study Pins Blame on Big Banks by Paul Kiel ProPublica Answers to homeowners' questions about the Independent Foreclosure Review.The administration's website for the foreclosure prevention program. Provides an FAQ,

Big Foreclosure Compensation, But Only For The Right Wrongs

Can you put a price on the damage caused by a wrongful foreclosure? Banking regulators have. And it’s $125,000. Or $60,000. Or $15,000. Or… it’s unclear. Last November, banking regulators launched a process to force the big banks to compensate homeowners victimized by their foreclosure abuses. Many crucial details remained unclear, including how much victims might receive...