Occupy the Hood

Los Angeles: Join The Seven Day Seige Of The CCA

Join LA CAN, Occupy the Hood, Occupy Skid Row and Occupy Los Angeles at Wilshire/Hope (626 Wilshire Blvd.) at 8:30pm tonight to fight gentrification and the corrupt practices of the lobby group Central City Association. BRING TENT.

Occupy LA Occupies Skid Row

Bring your tents, bring your blankets, bring some extra tarps if you can! Hot drinks and food are always welcome as well, tonight hot drinks would be awesome with the terrible weather! Every Friday night, OLA, Occupy the Hood LA, Occupy Skid Row, and visitors from other southern California occupations Occupy Main Street between 5th and 6th.

Is Racial Justice Advancing At Occupy Wall Street?

There has been much discussion as to whether people of color have been adequately involved and represented in the Occupy Wall Street movement. However, the discussion needs to be not just focusing on if there is enough diversity in Occupy Wall

Occupy Wall Street: Candlelight Vigil For Unity

On his birthday and in the spirit of Dr. King's vision for racial and economic equality, peace, and non-violence, Occupy Wall Street is holding candlelight vigils to unite our world in a global movement for systemic change.