'It's A Wonderful Life' With John Boehner

A new ad from AFSCME, SEIU and the NEA, this one It's a Wonderful Life-themed, pins House Speaker John Boehner as the bad guy in fiscal curb negotiations. The ad, backed by a six-figure buy, will run in the districts of Republican Reps. Rick

US Chamber Pimps Education Deform And The Greed Agenda

Success on Main St depends on success in the classroom. Take a stand for #edreform. #breakthemonopoly — U.S. Chamber's ICW (@USChamberICW) September 28, 2012 "Won't Back Down" is a huge flop at the box office. No surprise

NEA Calls For The Closing Of Corporate Tax Loopholes

The National Education Association has launched an ad campaign and petition calling elected officials at the state and national level to close corporate tax loopholes in order to more effectively fund education. They point to the fact that