John Edwards

Donna Brazile Orders John Edwards To Disappear For Good

Boy, was I ticked when I read this piece. Have you ever heard anything so very typical of the Villagers? Here's Donna Brazile explaining that big giant "A" she thinks John Edwards should wear: As for John Edwards, he should seek redemption, not

C&L's Top 50 Videos Of 2011: #38 Newt Rule: IOKIYAR

Oh, C&Lers, you've picked a good one, and timely too. In 38th place, we have a March 4th rant about Republican family values as compared to everyone else's. Yes indeed, it's a timely reminder, given Newt's newly discovered piety and grace

Ruth Marcus Is Dead Wrong About John Edwards

Ruth Marcus has an op-ed out that is so reflective of Beltway thinking and so wrong that it just shouldn't be allowed to stand as the final word. Her argument: But being a jerk, even on an Edwardsian scale, is not a felony, which is what


Other than his tasteless joke about Ellen at the end of this, kudos to Bill Maher for reminding us of just how many Republicans like Newt Gingrich who's still pretending he wants to run for president are huge flaming hypocrites when it comes to

Earl Warren-1952: Calls Out Right Wing Extremists

(California Governor Earl Warren - Warnings of the Right Wing Fringe in The Republican Party in 1952) Before he was Supreme Court Justice, Earl Warren was three-time Governor of California and an unsuccessful candidate for the Presidency in