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Strange Things Happening In The Plains States

Strange Things Happening In The Plains States

Something strange is going on in the Plains States. In this strange political year, where most pundits and historical trends suggest that it is likely to be a Republican year, the Plains States are shaking things up. While it isn’t exactly like the Populist movement of old, there is a growing rebellion in these states that suggests the current brand of extreme conservatism may not be going down so well in these normally Republican states.

Beating Big Money

Democrats are taking a lot of pleasure, as they well should, that the tsunami of big money from Wall Street, the Koch brothers and other big oil magnates, Sheldon Adelson, and other big business millionaires did not end up buying the election. (The

Rachel Maddow: How Would Republicans Prosecute Rape Victims?

Rachel Maddow takes us through the list of anti-choice legislators, among them, Republican vice presidential nominee, Paul Ryan, who believe that all abortions should be illegal, even in instances of incest and rape and gives us a stark reminder of

GOP Senate Candidate In ND Can't Name Minimum Wage

A Republican Senate candidate in North Dakota and his staff found themselves stumped recently by a voter who wanted to know the state's minimum wage. A video of the exchange between Rep. Rick Berg (R-ND) and a young woman was posted by the North

Lame ND Radio Ad: Obama Socialism Cuts The Military!

In maybe the worst ad of this political cycle to date, North Dakota activist Kent French calls Barack Obama a socialist and U.S. Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp "Heidi-ho." The ad isn't associated with any campaign, but Heitkamp is running for