O'Reilly: Occupy Movement Now Being Run Out Of Washington By 'Professional Agitators'

Bill O'Reilly's been on a hell of a tear this week attacking the Occupy Wall Street movement. On this Monday's show, he was calling them "terrorists" because a protester was giving him a hard time while watching a show on Broadway. Our friends over at News Hounds have more on that and O'Reilly's double standard when it comes to what sort of protesters he likes.

Late Night Open Thread

Tom Morello sings "Stray Bullets" with Iraq Veterans Against War during the #NoNATO rally in Chicago on May 20, 2012. The sound system had stopped working at the start of the rally, but Morello came down into the crowd and finished the song

Chicago Police Attack The Media Using Bikes As Weapons

Tracey Pollock, a credentialed photographer for The UpTake, is attacked by police in Chicago during an anti-NATO protest on Saturday. Before the attack, police were using their bicycles as weapons to force back the crowd which was staging a march without a permit.

The NATO Protests, Chicago 2012

Tall Tale Productions filmed the action in Chicago between May 18 - May 21st, and put together this great five minute compilation set to music.

Decorated War Veterans Toss Medals During NATO Protest

In Chicago on Sunday, nearly 50 U.S. military veterans at an anti-NATO rally in Chicago threw their service medals into the street, an action they said symbolized their rejection of the U.S.-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They said they're proud of the men and women with whom they served, but not of missions they were asked to perform.

UPDATE: CNN Confirms Nat'l Guard On 'Stand-by' In Chicago

Tim Pool's livestream is catching the situation live in Chicago. Follow him @Timcast on Twitter, as well as #NoNATO for more updates. Reports on Twitter that either the US Military or National Guard are in the area on standby. National Guard seems more likely.