Aurora Massacre

McCain Tells Aurora Shooting Victim's Mother She Needs 'Straight Talk'

Here's your compassionate conservatism on full display folks. I guess this shouldn't be surprising after the behavior we saw from the crowds at the Republican presidential primary debates. John McCain's recent string of town hall meetings just continues to show the very ugly side of today's Republican party.

Romney Refuses To Admit Changes In Gun Laws Would Save Any Lives

During his interview with Piers Morgan on CNN this Thursday evening, Mitt Romney doubled down on his assertion that changing the gun laws would not have made any difference in the Aurora massacre. While we can't stop every crazy person out there who wants to harm their fellow citizens, as Think Progress noted this week, there are things the Congress can do which would limit the amount of gun violence.

James Taranto: A-Hole!

I figured after a little time off I wouldn't get so sick reading and writing about the twisted minds of the conservative/TeaCrack Party, but I was wrong. Twitter has really fueled their lunatic scribblings. Check this out. John Cole: James