2012 Democratic National Convention

Joe Walsh Attacks Sandra Fluke And Tells Her To 'Get A Job'

Someone needs to tell Joe Walsh to "get a job" where it doesn't include lying to his constituents on a daily basis. Hate monger and deadbeat dad Rep. Joe Walsh decided to lay into activist Sandra Fluke for her appearance at the Democratic National Convention this week, and apparently he's not aware that she was not asking for the government to pay for anyone's birth control, or her own.

Jimmy Fallon DNC 'Fire And Rain' Parody

From Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: At the Democratic National Convention, "James Taylor" debuts "Romney & Bain" - his parody of the classic "Fire & Rain."

Obama's Speech: Not Transformational, But Still Powerful

President Obama's acceptance speech to the DNC last night was bound to be a disappointment in a lot of ways, because the buildup (especially Michelle Obama's speech, followed by Bill Clinton's) was so sensational that he had almost no chance of

Colbert Takes Republicans To Task Over 'Avoiding Water-Gate'

Leave it to Stephen Colbert to make a mockery of Republicans for their claim that President Obama and the Democrats only moved President Obama's speech indoors because they supposedly would not have been able to fill the stadium where they were