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Occupy May Day 2013

Groups from around New York City are coming together this May Day to stand up for worker rights and immigrant rights, and fight back against the 1%. Join labor unions, the May 1st Coalition, immigrant rights groups, Occupy Wall Street and student groups as we come together and say Another World Is Possible!

Occupy Wall Street's Updates For The Week Of April 17

May Day 2013 is fast approaching. This is a day to celebrate and further the struggles of the 99% by coming together to support immigrant and worker struggles, and fight the injustices of the 1%. Learn more about the plethora of May Day events and actions in store.

Coulter: 'Democrats Are Dropping The Blacks' For Hispanics

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter asserted on Sunday that Democrats were making a mistake by "dropping the blacks" in favor of Hispanics because rights for LGBT people and immigrants are not true civil rights. ABC's George Stephanopoulos asked