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R Is For Royalist

R Is For Royalist

Liberals struggle to understand how financially struggling struggling conservative voters can support the party of plutocrats and corporate interests. Maybe the answer is not so baffling.

The Greatest Betrayal

Most of the conservative Republicans in the House, the ones who yesterday refused to include food programs for the poor in the farm bill where it has for many decades been embedded and thereby endangered passage of any money to deal with hunger in this country, publicly and loudly proclaim at every opportunity that they are fervent, passionate Christians. But having been raised in a Christian household, and having read my bible more than a few times over the years, it is impossible not to conclude that either these Republicans have not bothered to read the book they claim to believe in. Either that, or their reading comprehension skills are remarkably low.

Fox's Payne: 'It Gets A Little Comfortable To Be In Poverty'

Another Saturday, another segment on Faux News where they're attacking the poor and food stamp recipients, which, other than attacking union members, seems to be one of their favorite past times during their so-called "business block," From Cavuto on Business, after Cavuto opens the segment dismayed about all of the people "on the dole" still receiving food stamps and guest Dagen McDowell carrying on about how this is proof that "big government" is out of control, we got this bit of nastiness out of regular, Charles Payne:

The Next Self-Made Crisis

There is a great deal of angst and worry among progressives about what is going to happen in two months, when the Republicans will once again try to hold the economy hostage so they can cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education, and