Bob Barr

American Politicos Sell Clout To Scuzzy Dictators

Rachel Maddow takes Mark Penn, Lanny Davis, Bob Barr and Rudy Giuliani to task for being willing to sell their domestic political clout in order to line their pockets doing PR work for some, as she calls it, "Scuzzy Dictators". First up, we have

Ken Buck, Gun Shows & Arming Criminals

So let me get this straight: Ken Buck, Colorado's Republican Senate candidate, was once an assistant federal prosecutor. There was an Aurora gun dealer who sold guns illegally and had 37 counts thrown at him. This was a violation of

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Brad Blog: American Law Institute, the 'only intellectually respectable support' for capital punishment in the U.S., abandons support for it The

Mike's Blog Roundup

Undiplomatic: According to the Bush administration's definition of torture, John McCain was not tortured. P.M. Carpenter: Be a conservative's friend

No Torture, No Exceptions

Washington Monthly: In most issues of the Washington Monthly, we favor articles that we hope will launch a debate. In this issue we seek to end one