Ken Buck, Gun Shows & Arming Criminals

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So let me get this straight:

Ken Buck, Colorado's Republican Senate candidate, was once an assistant federal prosecutor.

There was an Aurora gun dealer who sold guns illegally and had 37 counts thrown at him. This was a violation of federal law, nothing to sneeze at.

Ken Buck didn't pursue the prosecution.

Ken Buck shared information with the defense team. That's right, he tipped them off. How's that for law enforcement? Then he resigned. Was he forced to?

Ken Buck was reprimanded... by a Republican U.S. Attorney. A partisan witch hunt? Not so much.

The illegal gun dealer benefited from Ken Buck's unethical, sleazy behavior. He was convicted of a misdemeanor.

The gun dealer donated to Ken Buck's campaign.

Maybe this is why Bob Barr, of the NRA, GOP House and Federal Prosecuting in the late 80s thinks there are serious ethical questions that need to be answered by Mr. Buck. Nothing like a little NRA on NRA violence two weeks before an election to make the day interesting.

Oh and guess where this GOP Contributor Greg Golyansky's guns ended up?

With such all-stars as the Los Angeles based "Pocket Crips" gang and Randy "Rambo" Canister, who in 2005 was sentenced to life for a triple murder in Aurora. Lest you think these were just coincidences, as reported by David Ohlinger in the Denver Post in 1999 (no link cause from the Dark Ages of Internet) "...fully 40% of multiple gun purchases traceable to criminal arrests in the state of Colorado were made by Golyansky's pawn shop...buyers traveled from all around the state -- and nation -- to Golyansky's little shop."

Yup, Golyansky's little shop of horrors, enabled and protected by Ken Buck, because murderers, rapists, terrorists, the mentally unbalanced and child molesters deserve to be able to get their guns from GOP Contributors too, don't ya know.

Ken Buck is certainly to blame here, don't get me wrong. But if not for the "gun show loophole," that allows "private" sales to any loon without a background check, this criminally inclined gun dealer would be much more hamstrung in his efforts to arm triple-murderers and gang members.

I made that very point in a recent column on this topic, "Tickets To The Gun Show":

Almost five years ago, in an enclosed killing zone stuffed with clipped-winged quail, former Vice President Dick Cheney did what he does best: he shot someone in the face.

As you may or may not recall, the fateful event occurred during a "hunting trip" with a genteel Texas trial lawyer named Harry Whittington, at a "hunting resort." A place where you get your 'man up' by drinking some beers and then doing everything short of having three friends hold a bird down while you give it 'a wedgie,' take its lunch money, and then shoot it. In Cheney's case, I'm surprised the bird hadn't undergone a process of extraordinary rendition, ending up at a black-site and water-boarded.

But the above, was apparently not enough of an advantage for the marksman with a history of multiple myocardial infarctions.

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